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  Being an agricultural district, rice mills are predominant. There are 50 modern rice mills and 250 cooly rice mills.    
  Based on availability on natural gas, gas based industries have come up. There are 6 industries at present, with break-up details as follows.
a. Chemical based industries - 4
b. Ceramic industries – 1
c. Power generation – 1
Due to inadequate supply of natural gas, new proposals are not encouraged.
  Regarding large scale sector, there are only three units. Due to lack of large scale units or public sector undertaking, there is no ancillary industries.    
  Next to paddy, coconut yield is predominant. So, there are 7 coir based industries in private sector and 2 in co-operative sector.    
  Regarding industrial co-operative societies, there are 4 societies functioning in this district.
1. Kunniyur Adi Dravidar Coir and Coir Products Industrial Co-operative Society.
2. Kottur Adi Dravidar Coir Workers Industrial Co-operative Society.
3. Mannargudi Polythene Workers Industrial Co-operative Society.
4. Tiruvarur District Backward Class Autorickshaw Drivers Industrial Co-operative Society.
  As per live stock census 2004, the live stock population is 3,32,134 white cattle and 18,286 black cattle. The estimated Milk Production in the district is 90.70 Lakh Litres per annum. For the whole district there is only one bulk chilling unit at Poonthotam, Nannilam Taluk.    
  In poultry sector there is only one hatchery put-up by M/s. Aladian Hatcheries at Thiruneiper, Tiruvarur Taluk which produces 30000 chicks per month.    
  In power sector, there are two large scale units generating 146 M.W., by using natural gas. One unit is put-up by M/s. Southern Energy Development Corporation at Nallur, Mannargudi Taluk and the other by TNEB at Koilkalapal, Kottur Block.  
  There are 8 States Seed Farms functioning under the control of Agricultural Department in the District with annual seed production of 1350 M.T.    
  Block-wise details of large scale industries sector-wise showing the number of units, investment, employment and installed capacity    
Block Name of the Industries Investment
on Plant &
in Nos.
per Annum
Line of Activity
1. Tiruvarur Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation, Modern Rice Mill, Tiruvarur. 40.00 lakhs 51 PMT
34 Temp
14986 Tonnes Modern Rice Milling
2. Tiruvarur South India Edible Oil, Karuppur, Tiruvarur 4.00 Crore 31 10000 Tonnes Edible Oil Refining Process solvent extraction of Coconut - Cakes
3. Mannargudi Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation, Modern Rice Mill, Sundarakkottai,Mannargudi 40.00 lakhs 33 PMT
66 Temp
11350 Tonnes Modern Rice Milling
4. Mannargudi Pamani Fertilizers, Pamani Village, Mannargudi 70.00 lakhs 44 16188 Tonnes Manufacturing of Fertilizer Granules.
5. Kottur Southern Energy Development Corporation Limited, Nallur,Kottur Block, Mangudi Taluk 15.50
20 48.18 Million units Electric Power Generation
6. Kottur TNEB Power Generation plant, Kovilkalappal, Kottur Bk 263.00 Crores 89 94 MW Power Generation
  Proposed Large Scale projects in the offing/Thrust sector activities identified for growth in the next five years    
  Even though Thiruvarur is an agricultural based district, there is a good scope for developing thrust sector activities of solar energy equipments like Flat Plate Solar Collectors, concentrating and pipe types solar collectors, cost effective building materials like fly-ash fire bricks, chamber bricks manufacturing of readymade garments, Gold and Diamond jewellery manufacturing units. Therefore, type of industries are going to be developed in the next five years .  
Name of the Industries Capacity Line of activity Employment
1. T.N.C.S.C. M.R.M, Tiruvarur. 92 M.T. Modern Rice Milling 52 Nos.
2. T.N.C.S.C. M.R.M, Sundarakottai. 100 M.T. Modern Rice Milling 60 Nos.
3. South India Edible Oil, Karuppur, Tiruvarur. 125 TPD Palm Oil Refinery 20 Nos.
4. Pamani Fertilizers, Mannargudi. 120 TPD Fertilizers Manufacturing 100 Nos.
5. Southern Energy Development Corporation, Nallur, Mannargudi Taluk 39 M.W. Power Generation 10 Nos.
6. T.N.E.B. Power Plant, Koil Kalapal, Kottur Block. 107 MW Power Generation 125 Nos.
    In Thiruvarur District there is a scope for exporting groundnut cakes, silk sarees and Gold and Diamond Jewellery ornaments.    
  The following Industrial activities have been identified for other sources of potentiality in this District.

Raw Material based
    Rice Mill, Flour Mill, Bakery Product, Ice Cream, Pickles etc.,
Leather Items
Incense sticks, Dhoops etc.,
Fire bricks country bricks and cement products etc.,
Gate, Grill and Fabrication works
Mfg. Of Electrical apparatus
Structural Fabrication etc.,
  Demand based    
  Printing and Book Binding
Packaging of drinking water
Frieght transport services
Postal and Courier activities, Cable TV etc.,
    Skilled based    
  Wood Sawing, Planning, Furniture
Lathe works
Welding works and plate regrooving
DTP works
Recharging and reconditioning of batteries
Repairing and servicing of Two wheelers and Automobiles etc.,
Repairing and servicing of Bicycles, clocks and watches etc.,
Data processing Software development etc.,
Colour Black and White Studio etc.,
Other service activities like Beauty Parlour etc.,
  Export oriented    
  Milk and Milk products
Bakery and Bakery products
Groundnut cakes and sweets
    Rural artisans based    
    Silk weaving
Ornamentals/Jewel making
Thatches making
Dry cleaning
Tailoring and Embroidery
Bamboo baskets making
Ladders making
  Industrial Estate    
  Proposed Industrial Estate is to be formed in Vaipur village in Tiruvarur Taluk and District.    
  Taico Bank, Tiruvarur
Taico Bank Tiruvarur Branch is functioning at 115.Old Nagai Rastha, Vijayapuram, Tiruvarur with effect from 07.06.2007. It provides financial assistance to New Entrepreneurs and Industrial co-operative Societies in Tiruvarur District.
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